Hotel Stallbacken

The historical Restaurant Stallbacken Nagu, which is on the first floor of Hotel Stallbacken, is evenings daily open from 5 to 10 PM( SU 6 to 9). We also offer our dearest guests a environment close to the archipelago nature and an a' la carte menu with local, traditional and popular meals.

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Complementary Menu and Meal planning services is available at Restaurant Stallbacken all year. Please note that our stylish restaurant in Nauvo is also fully licensed to serve alcoholic beverages in the restaurant, on the terass and to the Hotel rooms.

In our main dining room we can place approx. 80 persons, and the adjacent historic meeting room and the elevated level approx. 30 people. So these 2 halls together, can make a group of 120 persons comfortable celebrating something together. 

Both dining areas at Restaurant Stallbacken are elegant and easy to combine to form one large venue, such as a wedding reception, seminar or a Christmas Dinner. In addition, there is a small bar in the main dining room, and in the summer, guests can enjoy their meals and drinks "all fresco" on the terrace. On the terrace we now have 4 tables for outdoor breakfasts and warm evening dinners.

The historic meeting room, which is slightly elevated ( 50 cm), can easily be converted into a stage, ideal for smaller scale musical and theatrical productions which are held in Nagu.

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Menu 2017 ENG 1OBS! We offer childrens portions to 50% of the price for children below 8 years.