Hotel Stallbacken


ROMANTICAL WEEKEND( 20.10. - 31.5.):

You can arrive both on friday or saturday and stay 1 to 3 nights:

Double Hotel room( incl. buffet breakfast and a candle light dinner with 3 courses): 170,-/ night ( drinks not included)
With the exception of december to april, we also include a free rowing boat and indian canoe in this package
Additional services:
Traditional sauna can be included for: 5,-/pers/h, minimum 25,-/hour.
Outdoor warmwater jacuzzi relaxing for:  10,-/ pers/h, maximum 40,-/h

WEEKEND PACKAGE( 1.10. - 31.5.):

Doubleroom in Hotel Stallbacken including buffet breakfast and a 2 courses dinner( drinks excluded): 145,-/ night. You can arrive on Friday or Saturday and stay 1 to 3 nights.
Traditional Sauna: 5,-/ person/h, minimum 25,-/ h 
Outdoor warmwater Jacuzzi with the Sauna: 10,-/ person/h, maximum 40,-/h
Extra bed: 25,-/night
Extra 2 courses Dinner: 25,-/ person