Hotel Stallbacken

bastu_bildThe opprtunity to enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna at Grännäs Storgård is offered to all our guests. We only use firewood to heat the sauna and the warm water. You are welcome to rent it for you and your family pr group pro hour. The sauna is available to rent, for our overnight guests, all year except from 1.1. to 15.3. We normaly need your resevation 5 hours in advance, except in July, when the Sauna is heated on a daily basis. 
In the summer 2014 we also build a adjecent terace with a outdoor warmwater jacuzzi, where you can enjoy the sunset, barbacue or a cold drink afterwards and in between. Pls see the picture below. With the exception of July, we need your sauna or jacuzzi booking latest at 10 AM, to hae enough time to prepare the the service for you.
Pls ask the receptionist for more information. The steam from the owen, has got a lot of very positive feed-back by our guests. There is a lid on the top of the owen, which makes it convenient to adjust the temperature in the Sauna. When the lid is off, the temperature goes up and when it's on, the temperature in the Sauna goes down. MARK: Please always leave the lid "on" when you temporarely or permanently leave the Sauna room! Always also use the Extended handle to lift the lid, so that you don't need to have your hands or head above the hole on top of the owen! The steam is hot when it comes out!