A widow named Anna Pryts, who had to move from Korpo Mansion to Grännäs Farm after her husband passed away, built the oldest part of Grännäs Farm mainbuilding in year 1760.
In 1771 a father named Hindrik Pärsson and his son Mikael Hindriksson bought the Grännäs Farm from the Estate of Mrs Pryts. Mikael Hindriksson changed his family name to Granqvist later on.

The farm has since then always inherited from father to son and today it's the eight generation Granqvist who takes care of the farm.

Until 1809 Finland was of part of Sweden Grännäs Gård funtioned as a Cavalry Estate under the Swedish Crone during that time.

1809 Finland now became a part of Russia and the Cavalry time with 2 soldiers on Grännäs was over. 

1800-1890 In the first half of the century Anders Granqvist established a shipyard, named Grännäs Varf, on Grännäs. Anders and his son then started to build their own sail ships on Grännäs. Especially Otto and his son Carl-Mikael made their living on sailing cargo to England and the Mediterranean Sea until the end of the century.
2 Schooners and 1 Brig was built on Grännäs varf. The rests of it are now located on the left hand side of the Högsar Ferry pier. 

1886 A new bigger stone barn became ready. The stone barn was built by Ottos wife Maria Lovisa together with her son Carl-Mikael. This barn was much later renovated to a classy Family Hotel, which opened it's door in June 2008. We call it Hotel Stallbacken.

1945 the old Granaries was moved from the main building yard to a new location and was rebuild to a home for the Farm Manager. This property has ever since 1997 been Grännäs Bed & Breakfast and is now managed together with Hotel and Restaurant Stallbacken next door.

The owners are happy to tell you more and arrange a about 1 hour long guided tour to look at the premises.

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